Guide: Visiting All 4 Disney Parks in One Day

Hello again & Happy Tuesday!

While the four Disney World parks are all part of one entity, they are each unique and offer such diverse experiences. With each park being a completely different adventure, why not go to all four in one day?

Visiting all the parks in one day may not be for everyone, but after my husband and I decided to take full advantage of our Handy Dandy Park Hopper tickets, we found it quite enjoyable. If you decide to take up the challenge, take these tips with you!

1. Have a game plan ahead of time.
This is one of the most important tips to take from this list. Even if you are the world's most easy-going, go-with-the-flow type of person, you MUST have your game plan mapped out before starting the day. First and foremost, know the order in which you will be visiting the parks. Personally, we decided to go to Hollywood Studios first, then Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and we ended the night in Magic Kingdom (our favorite). Now, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios are probably interchangeable and you really could do either first and second. In all honesty, the only reason we did Animal Kingdom second was because I wanted to be there while the Eight Spoon Cafe was open (a girl needs her baked macaroni and cheese!). Also keep in mind that Animal Kingdom has the reputation of being the hottest park in terms of temperature, so visiting in the morning and beating the heat is probably a good idea!

2. Have a “Must Do” list figured out.
In addition to the order in which you will visit the parks, know which attractions you really want to hit. Knowing which attractions you are heading to will save you a lot of time and hassle as it will allow you to check wait times prior to entering the parks. Side note: the My Disney Experience app will be your best friend when it comes to keeping up with wait times. Use it, and often! I would also advise to keep your Must Do list on the shorter side, especially on Disney’s busier days.

3. Don't expect to do it all.
This one goes hand-in-hand with number two. Go into this knowing that you (more than likely) will not be able to do every single thing in each park. Of course, on slower days you may be able to accomplish more, but again, you should keep your Must Do list on the shorter side. When my husband and I did this, we had one attraction in each park that we knew we absolutely wanted to do and we headed right for it when we got to the park. Just because you keep your list shorter to begin with doesn't mean that you can't add to it should you find yourself running ahead of schedule. There is always room for adjustments depending on the day, but don't expect to hit every single attraction in every single park.

4. Start early...and expect to go late.
The day you decide to do all four parks is not the day to sleep in and lounge about for a few hours before hitting the park. Check the opening time for whichever park is your first stop and aim to get there at opening time on that day. If you're staying in a Disney Resort you should absolutely take advantage of any Extra Magic Hours that are being offered to you, whether they be in the morning or in the evening. By starting early and going late, you will be getting the most out of your day!

5. Take breaks if (and when) you need to.
All four parks in one day can be a lot of work. It calls for a lot of planning ahead, a lot of energy, and probably more than one much needed break. Think about it: you don't want to be so exhausted by the time you get to the fourth park that it's hard to enjoy yourself. If you need to stop and rest your feet (or your eyes) for a few minutes on a park bench, go ahead! All that walking and hustling around can tire anyone out and it's hard to have a good time when your feet are screaming at you that it's time to give up for the day. Just remember, when it comes to taking breaks, you will get lounge time while waiting for the buses or the monorail in between parks!

6. Try a food item from each park.
Okay, so this one isn't so much a necessity as it is my own personal preference. I love food, and I love food even more when it's Disney Food. While each park in Disney offers your typical burgers and chicken fingers, each park also offers a wide variety of tasty treats to try (say that three times fast!). Head over to the Eight Spoon Cafe in Animal Kingdom, as mentioned above, to try the baked macaroni & cheese; or hit up the Liberty Square Market for one of Disney's famous turkey legs. Plus, if you're a fan of coffee, there is a Starbucks in each Disney park for that much needed afternoon pick me up!

Remember: this is supposed to be fun! Just because there is planning and strategy involved doesn't mean that you cannot enjoy it. This is Disney World after all, the happiest place on Earth, and you should always be enjoying yourself! Don't take it all too seriously or make it a chore. Seeing all four parks in one day is truly an amazing experience that I know I will never forget, and I hope that you one day get to experience it, too!